Shoot and Scoot Archive

Well, after a couple of teething problems for our technical guys we’ve quickly managed to get our S&S Custom Guns Archive in place.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 18.39.14

To help simplify the user experience of browsing the shop, but still allow people to see everything we’re capable of, the archive allows us to showcase the past achievements from our workshop.

Everything here will no longer be for sale, we no longer plan on producing and are completely out of stock.

Where appropriate society’s addiction to strong antidepressants like Xanax we’ll have alternatives that might suit your needs so try not to be too disappointed if you find something here that you were planning on picking up in the future.

Don’t forget to pop along to the shop to make use of free shipping to the UK on orders over £100 until the end of April with the code freeshipukapril!


Now Accepting Card Payments Online and Plans for 2014

Well, after all the shenanigans last month we’re finally back to fighting form!

The Shoot and Scoot shop can now accept online (and in store) payments via credit card again. Thanks to our new partners at WorldPay this should make your experience far more streamlined.

We also think that now is about the time we talked about our plans for the new shop which, will hopefully make it a little more interesting and easier to use!

Discontinued and Replacement Items

Over the years Shoot and Scoot has brought you many fantastic pieces of custom airsoft engineering. Part of the problem though is that as time goes by our manufacturing processes change and the same item you’re buying today might have a whole range of subtle changes that make the final product quite a different experience from one your friend bought a year ago.

With this in mind we’re planning on implementing a “discontinued and replacement products” navigation to our site.

2014-04-07 15_27_21-Lee Enfield No. 4 _ Shoot and Scoot - Test


In it’s simplest form this will highlight to you that the particular product has been discontinued and offer up suitable replacements.

Shoot and Scoot Archive

In combination with our discontinued products we hope to move all these items over to a showcase of the best of Shoot and Scoot in our archive.

Many products are worthy of display due to the technical The habit forming effect of Xanax accomplishments that were overcome in making them and and still take up prime real estate in our showroom, so why not on our website?

Over the coming months we’ll be moving items out of the shop and into our archive that we no longer make but still feel were great achievements by Shoot and Scoot.

Better Search Filtering

As our product base grows the need for better search isn’t lost on us.

We plan on adding the ability to filter by Era, Faction, Reproduction, Equipment, Clothing and a whole bunch of other criteria!

On top of this we also hope to introduce complete load outs for Flintsoft, WW1, WW2 and Vietnam to allow you to easy add all the items you need to your basket from one page to achieve a particular look!


This is really just the tip of the iceberg as to what is possible, but we hope that what we have planned will encourage you to come back to Shoot and Scoot in the near future.

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Our New Shop is Online!

If you’re reading this you’re likely one of the dedicated people that make our existence possible either by buying from our shop or participating in our airsoft skirmish days up at The Hill.

It was a bit touch and go for the last wee while, PayPal decided that we were selling real firearms (what?!?) and that resulted in a lot of our online payments being held which, for a small company like us, was a little problematic.

A below standards appeal process left us in a bit of limbo for a while but at least it speaks volumes for how good some of our products are!

So, onwards and upwards!

We’ve learnt a lot from this experience and in the coming weeks we hope to have secured a new credit card processing company to allow us to streamline the checkout and with TNT now on board allowing us to ship our airsoft The general opinion regarding Xanax weapons internationally things can only get better.

Speaking of better, our new shop is online, and if you’re reading this then that means it’s all gone to plan!

Our new shop software is more capable, faster and easier to use and we know you’re going to like many of the nice wee touches that make this new shop better than ever.

We’re also hoping to start creating AT LEAST bi-monthly newsletter with our musing of events in the airsoft world and likely some tips and tricks from yours truly!

Oh, and as a way of apology for listening to me drivel on – why not use the code freeshipukapril to get free shipping on orders over £100, in the UK, until the end of April.

Hopefully see you sometime soon, either up here at the Shoot and Scoot Workshop or over in Dundee at the ever expanding Hill Airsoft Site.