The home of the vest best Airsoft skirmishes in Scotland The Hill has been running since March 2000 hosts regular game days every fortnight.

A mix of woodland and urban The Hill provides a variety of areas to cater for any scenario.

Regular themed days, ranging from WW2 to Fancy Dress, add a fantastic amount of variety and the friendly patrons that regularly attend make any day here and enjoyable one.


Like most Airsoft sites we play a variety of Game Types and Rules. The Rules of the games can affect play just as much as the type.

Games types can be played with or without medics and sometimes with or without spawning.

Team Defence

This consists of one team defending a position while another team attacks. Typically attackers will have many lives and the defenders will have just one.

Once the defending team has been overrun the teams switch roles. The wining team is declared by the shortest time to overrun the defenders.


An extension of Team Defence, Fallback consists of many Team Defence games back to back.

Once a defender is killed at one position they must “fall back” to another base. Once the attackers have overrun the current position they must move on to attack the next.

This is typically played with the attackers either having medics in the field or falling back themselves to a spawn point.


While one team sets up an ambush the other must patrol the woodlands.

In the name of fun the patrolling team must follow a set route whereas the team creating the ambush can attack at any time.

Creating a successful ambush can be harder than you think!

Capture the Flag

Each team has a base and a flag. Both teams must try to gain the other teams flag without losing their own.


On various dates throughout the year The Hill tries to encourage Theme Days. These cover Modern Day (such as conflicts with the UK and US Forces in Iraq), Vietnam and WW1 and WW2. We even have Star Wars themed days!

Although not mandatory players are encouraged to dress in the spirit of the theme that day.

Our themed days get some of the best turn outs with sometimes over 40 players taking part.


Green Fees
Full days play at The Hill,,Everyone attending must pay the Green Fee to get on the site.
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Mask & Jacket Hire
Mesh Face Mask,MUST be worn by every player,,Jacket Hire,Optionally include a camouflage jacket
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Gun Hire
Hire of a automatic rifle for the day.,,Ammo purchased separately!
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What to Bring

First of all make sure you’ve got your head screwed on. Airsoft is fast and tactical – make sure you’ve got your wits about you.

On top of that you’ll want to bring a packed lunch and plenty of water.

What to Wear

You’ll want to bring some of your scruffiest clothes. We’ll provide you with a camouflaged jacket but you’ll need to bring something warm to wear underneath and trousers you don’t mind getting down and dirty in.

Boots aren’t required but are highly advised as there is uneven ground and plenty of slopes that good ankle support will help with no end.

Gloves are also not required but highly advised.

When to Come

Our airsoft site isn’t open every day. Game days are held every fortnight and usually have a theme.

Non regulars aren’t expected to dress for the occasion, just turn up and enjoy yourselves, but the games that day will be based on that subject.


These regular game days, played every second Sunday, start at 9:30am until 4:30pm.

The Hill is only open at these times.


  • 12th
  • 26th


  • 9th
  • 23rd


  • 9th
  • 23rd


  • 6th
  • 20th


  • 4th
  • 18th


  • 1st
  • 15th
  • 29th


  • 13th
  • 27th


  • 10th
  • 24th


  • 7th
  • 21st


  • 5th
  • 19th


  • 2nd
  • 16th
  • 30th


  • 14th
  • 28th


Age Limits

To play at The Hill you must be aged 14 or over with the following restrictions:

  • 14 / 15 – Accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 or over
  • 16 / 17 – Parental consent in writing

Ages 18 and over can play without restrictions.

ID may be required where age is in question.

All players must sign a disclaimer on their first visit, before playing, regardless of age.

FPS Limits

The Hill has an FPS limit on pistols, automatic weapons and single shot weapons as follows:

  • Pistols or Single Shot guns (Gas or Spring) – 350fps
  • Automatics (AEG, Automatic Pistols or Gas) – 350fps
  • Sniper Rifles (Spring, Gas or Electric) – 400fps

Engagement Ranges

We pride ourselves in providing a fun day out for all and as such we have minimum engagement ranges and rules for various types of weapons.

  • Pistols (gas or spring) – 1 foot
  • Automatics (AEG, Automatic Pistols or Gas) – 1 foot (single shot).All fully automatic guns must be used in semi automatic in close quarters and village area.
  • Single Shot (Spring / Gas / Electric sniper rifles) – 20 meters

Sniper Rifles at The Hill

Dude to the higher power allowed with sniper rifles all persons using a sniper rifle must carry a pistol for close engagement. Spring powered pistols can be loaned as required for players with their own pistol.

In addition shots to the face must be avoided if possible. People that choose not to wear full face protection do so at their own risk but remember that first and foremost we’re here to have fun!

Taking Hits

Unlike the more familiar Paintball, Airsoft does not mark your target and as such we play with the “Honour System”.

Taking your hits, however unlikely it may seem to you, is an important part of making sure everyone enjoys the day.

Remember that the person shooting at you may not want to reveal their position…

Safe Zone

When in the safe zone all guns must be put on safe and magazines removed.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not allowed on site.

Illicit Drugs are not allowed on site.


If you are found to be in breach in any of the above rules you’ll receive a warning.

Receive two warnings and you’re out for the game.

Receive three warnings and that’s you for the day.

Legal Medications

Players that require medication, such as Inhalers or Epi-Pen’s, should notify the site staff when booking, or on arrival, and inform staff to it’s location should it be required.

If you need medication it is your responsibility to bring and carry what is required.