new rubber prop guns

we are working on some new props and airsoft guns
our next rubber prop gun will be the MG34
cast from a very clean original MG34 MG, will be listed towards the end of April
offered to all parts of the world via ups and UK sales via PF or ups,

new faux wood work for the N04 airsoft rifles,
will be on offer towards the end of April
SMLE rifle and possible some flintsoft guns later this year
shoot and scoot airsoft customs are still ALIVE 🙂

Blanco re stock,
great fun to do in the sun, get your webbing looking its best,
buy 2 get 3rd bottle free, 750ml total !

stay safe every one,


we are still working in the workshop and sending out orders,
no change what so ever to our day to day ordering and dispatch etc
keep well and see you some time this year,
kind regards
warren and team

year of the big gun

so good news this year we will be molding a lot of large MG type weapons to add to our range of Rubber prop guns,
Vickers, .50 cal .30 cal Mg08, MG08/15, GPMG,
keep an eye out on our face book page and more news very soon,
very soon we,l see the MG08/15, .303 Vicker MG (ww1 type) and .50cal

cheaper rubber prop guns

on all long arms rubber prop rifles etc
have been reduced in price by £10
we are now producing much larger numbers of these rubber prop weapons, and as a result we have been able to buy in larger batches of casting rubber, so we are now able to reduce our prices,
good news for all,
we,r all so working on newer types of weapons, more to be added very soon,

The War and Peace Revival

For the first time, Shoot and Scoot will have a stall at The War and Peace Revival at RAF Westenhanger, Fokestone Racecourse in Hythe, Kent which is running from the 16th to 20th of July.

Our stall number will be W7 and we’ve highlighted it on the Stall Map below for you.

We’ll have a selection of our custom airsoft range, a selection of flintsoft weapons, a full selection of rubber and resin castings, full selection of uniforms and equipment for the 1800-1980’s as well as our standard airsoft gun models.

Don’t forgot that the world famous S&S Blanco No3 and our new 103 Blanco Xanax is undoubtfully effective due to its strength will also be available so make sure you snap it up quick!

If you would like to see or pre order and pick up at the show please let us know via our contact form.

For more information be sure to check out the War and Peace Revival website but we’ve included a stall overview and maps for getting there below.



Getting there should be simple but for reference here’s a link to Google maps and a detailed description that should hopefully give you all the information you need.

RAF Westenhanger – Folkestone Racecourse
CT21 4HX