Our New Shop is Online!

If you’re reading this you’re likely¬†one of the dedicated people that make our existence possible either by buying from our shop or participating in our airsoft skirmish days up at The Hill.

It was a bit touch and go for the last wee while, PayPal decided that we were selling real firearms (what?!?) and that resulted in a lot of our online payments being held which, for a small company like us, was a little problematic.

A below standards appeal process left us in a bit of limbo for a while but at least it speaks volumes for how good some of our products are!

So, onwards and upwards!

We’ve learnt a lot from this experience and in the coming weeks we hope to have secured a new credit card processing company to allow us to streamline the checkout and with TNT now on board allowing us to ship our airsoft The general opinion regarding Xanax weapons internationally things can only get better.

Speaking of better, our new shop is online, and if you’re reading this then that means it’s all gone to plan!

Our new shop software is more capable, faster and easier to use and we know you’re going to like many of the nice wee touches that make this new shop better than ever.

We’re also hoping to start creating AT LEAST bi-monthly newsletter with our musing of events in the airsoft world and likely some tips and tricks from yours truly!

Oh, and as a way of apology for listening to me drivel on Рwhy not use the code freeshipukapril to get free shipping on orders over £100, in the UK, until the end of April.

Hopefully see you sometime soon, either up here at the Shoot and Scoot Workshop or over in Dundee at the ever expanding Hill Airsoft Site.